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Brosjyre | 2011-10
UniAir Fully-variable Valve Control System
Environmentally-friendly and powerful

Product Range

Variable Valvetrains

Maximum Efficiency

Switchable valvetrain components used for valve-lift adjustment and cylinder deactivation permit a variety of valve-lift curves and optimize the engine’s torque characteristics and maximum power output. Depending on the type of engine, it is therefore possible to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions while increasing power and torque. Cylinder deactivation is predominantly used in large-displacement engines and leads to significant improvements in fuel economy.



  • Fully variable electro-hydraulic valve control system UniAir
  • Cam shifting systems
  • Mechanical switchable tappets
  • Hydraulic switchable tappets
  • Switchable finger followers
  • Switchable pivot elements
  • Switchable roller tappets
  • Switchable valves
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