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Brosjyre | 2015-09
Systems expertise down to the last detail

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A Systems Partner of the Automotive Industry

Modern cars are not only dynamic and powerful, but also quiet and economical, while, at the same time, comfortable and safe. It takes creative technology using innovative products to reconcile these apparently conflicting attributes. These requirements apply not only to vehicles with classic internal combustion engine drivetrains, but also to hybrid and electric vehicles. As a partner of the automotive industry, we are the leaders in developing and manufacturing system solutions for the demanding challenges facing our automotive future.

Close relationships with our customers and collaborative development work are hallmarks of Schaeffler Automotive. Using innovative ideas, creative engineering and comprehensive manufacturing expertise, we provide solutions for our customers that begin at the product-development phase and continue through to volume production.

Engine Systems
Transmission Systems
Engine Systems

Our precision products have a profound impact on helping engines to consume less fuel and comply with increasingly stringent emissions standards.
Engine systems

Transmission Systems

Our innovative components and systems for transmission applications make a significant contribution to increasing driving comfort and reducing fuel consumption.
Transmission systems

Chassis Systems / Accessories
eMobility Systems Division
Chassis Systems / Accessories

Today, our solutions for chassis applications go far beyond mere bearings – we have reengineered them to the point that they are now complete mechatronic systems.
Chassis systems / accessories

eMobility Systems Division

Schaeffler is bundling its numerous activities relating to electric mobility in an eMobility Systems Division.
eMobility Systems division


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