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  Schaeffler ACTIVeDRIVE

The concept vehicle ACTIVeDRIVE demonstrates Schaeffler’s vision of modern automobility. Full of forward-looking ideas, this concept vehicle serves as platform for testing various components and systems under realistic conditions.


The Schaeffler ACTIVeDRIVE: an all-electric vehicle with four wheel drive and a total power rating of up to 210 kW. The 18 kWh Lithium-Ionen battery has a range of up to 100 km.


The special feature of the Schaeffler ACTIVeDRIVE is the active electric differential mounted both on the front and rear axles (Schaeffler eDifferential). This component combines an electric drive with the option of controlling the drive power in each wheel individually. This facilitates torque vectoring (distribution of torque between the right and left wheels), which is beneficial for driving dynamics, safety and comfort.

Actively distributing the drive torque makes the eDifferential an ideal platform for innovative driving dynamics control. The solution demonstrated in the ACTIVEeDRIVE makes Schaeffler a pioneer of such electric concepts in one vehicle drive.

  System 48 V

Smart hybridization with a 48 V low-voltage system: The central element is a compact 48-volt electric drive module that includes a clutch and planetary transmission, and can be placed either on the front or rear axle. This drive module paves the way for economical hybridization. The low-voltage design of the solution reduces the cost and outlay compared to high-voltage solutions with their associated requirements.

  Innovative Lightweight Technologies

Reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are important fields of activity for developers in the automobile industry. Reducing overall vehicle weight thus reversing the upward spiral in this area is one of the fields with potential for optimization.


Lightweight construction will become an elementary technology for sustainable mobility in the future, not only for conventional drive types, but also for electric vehicle concepts. Schaeffler is also focusing on innovative lightweight technologies as an important component for sustainable strategies for reducing CO2.

  Detent Bearings

Today, state-of-the-art double clutch transmissions attract a high level of attention worldwide and increasingly lead the automotive industry to new and efficient design envelope solutions. Often there is simply insufficient space to apply the locking contours to the gearshift forks and install the detent pins in the transmission housing. This is why Schaeffler offers an integral solution for the bearing support of gearshift elements without affecting the design envelope.


The new combination comprising a locking function and a bearing for rotary and linear motion (RLF) provides an interesting alternative for designers, as detent bearings can be integrated into both the outer and center walls of transmissions.

Even after 4 million load cycles, which equate to more than double the operating life of a gearshift fork, no wear of any kind is visible on the component.


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