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Infographic: Double clutch: focussing on the entire system

Double clutch: focussing on the entire system

Infographic: The double clutch in hybrid vehicles

The double clutch in hybrid vehicles


Produktinformasjon bil | 2014-07
Wet Double Clutch


Produktinformasjon bil | 2014-08
Dry Double Clutch

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Solutions for Double-Clutch and Automated Transmissions

Automated Solutions Come in Twos

We are a vital partner of the automotive industry in the development of new transmission designs. Recent innovations include automated manual transmissions and double-clutch transmissions that offer comfortable operation and dynamic performance while reducing fuel consumption. A concept used in hybrid drives is the hybridized double-clutch transmission. By integrating an electric motor, all the hybrid features – such as the start/stop function, regenerative braking and the ability to downsize the combustion engine through a booster function – are available without adding extra components.



  • Solutions for automated manual transmissions
  • Solutions for double-clutch transmissions
  • Solutions for hybridized double-clutch transmissions

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